Why I am writing this blog.

I am writing this blog because I find writing about the journey I am taking in life helps me to make sense of the feelings, thoughts, and the denouement of a situation. When I was studying psychology many years back I discovered that when we write out our inner turmoil it often helps to create a beginning, middle, and end to the story of our struggle. Our brains seek to put things in sensible order and we are able to create an understanding of the confusion. And, so this is what I seek to do by writing this blog.

I am not interested in demeaning or maligning the child, now young adult, involved in the content of this blog. In fact, I still love her very much and hope by writing about this very difficult journey here I can find a positive mindset to share with others.

Now that I am not in a daily struggle to just keep my sanity, I can look back on the difficulties I dealt with every day in a calmer and more fair perspective. I want to eliminate any negativity around this subject and when I discuss situations concerning my step daughter I will endeavor to treat it with the most benevolent manner possible. This blog is for me and others to learn to cope with the turmoil, heartbreak, and stress that occurs when dealing with a damaged child.

Please use this blog as a place to find solace and comfort for step parents that struggle with a child or youth that is difficult to parent. I hope that I can pass along the lessons I have learned and also let everyone know that you are not bad, or alone. Many times as a step parent we are not able to speak about the pain and trials we experience. We are shamed or silenced, unable to talk about our struggles honestly and openly. I hope that this blog becomes a place where step parents can work through their issues in safety and acceptance.

I am writing this from a place of love, loving the person my step daughter truly is. I hope by taking this journey by writing this blog I can come to a place of understanding. I hope to learn the lessons that need to be learnt and finding a positive outcome for all of us, step parent, biological parent, and child. A place that will make sense of the pain. This is for all of us to find a state of mind that is one of peace.


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